Our Four P’s





What we’re doing

Created an S&E Team focused on Sustainability, who meet monthly to continue our journey.

Regular time allocated in meetings across the business to focus purely on Sustainability.

Process to assess the Sustainability and processes for our products in each category review that we have.

Launched a new brand called Eco Origin specifically for Sustainable Bakery Packaging and through this we’re educating our customers how to dispose of our products correctly.

Provide reusable coffee cups at our support office to make it easier for our team when getting takeaway coffees.

Future Thinking

We are committed to the ongoing reduction of our environmental footprint.

Global Implications

We work proactively responding to global sustainability issues.

It’s who we are

Sustainable practices are embedded in the way we work and play.

Our next steps

Create process and cadence to achieve our goals.

Identify quick wins and make them a reality.
Evaluate when it’s possible to cut costs and recognise when a cost cut could lead to a poor product outcome.

Understand how we could offer more value to our customers and offer a more sustainable product.

Understand what to do with the product at its life’s end and educate consumers about the next steps to take.

Avoid products going to landfill wherever possible.