Mike Briant

Managing Director

Role: I’m dedicated to defining and facilitating the implementation of our strategy. Moreover, I aim to foster an environment that empowers my team to accomplish great things.

Likes: Working together with great people to achieve great things together.

Chantelle McInnes

GM Finance

Role: I oversee all facets of finance and financial reporting, while also playing a crucial role in the senior leadership team.

Likes: Being able to be part of making decisions that lead us towards our goal of making billions of sweet moments.

Nga Mavera

Operations Manager

Role: Overall, I am in charge of our manufacturing site.

Likes: Bringing people (staff) together with different backgrounds and creating happy moments, culture and memories.

Sonja McIntyre

Supply Chain Manager

Role: I look after the Customer Services, Purchasing and Logistics team. I oversee the entire supply chain process from procurement to manufacturing including distribution.

Likes: The wonderful team, working with people from a range of departments and making improvements.

James Peng

Purchasing and Logistics

Role: Managing stock orders and coordinating shipping logistics, among other tasks.

Likes: My favorite thing to do at work is make Chris happy, when he’s happy, I’m happy.

Chris Maguire

National Sales Manager

Role: I oversee the bakery sales team and cultivate relationships with key accounts for GoBake.

Likes: I love working with great people, managing a great team and developing great customers. My results come by developing key account strategies and executing them.

Paul Adams

Key Account Manager

Role: I take pride in my role of encouraging customers to choose our products by emphasising their unique advantages.

Likes: Being able to witness the growth of sales alongside my customers and nurturing the relationships I build with them is a deeply fulfilling aspect of my professional journey.

Brooke Mattock

Key Account Manager

Role: My role is to build relationships with Bakery Managers and Cake decorators, and store owners.

Likes: Working with a wonderful fun bunch of humans at GoBake, and great customers that I really enjoy developing relationships and finding solutions.

Lee Johnson

Marketing Manager

Role: I manage the marketing team, planning and providing direction for all marketing and brand activities across the business.

Likes: Working collaboratively with our team to see our visions and ideas come to life. I love being part of this fast-growing team and being involved in the process of developing the business.

Kate Wise

Graphic Designer and Marketing Co-Ordinator

Role: My role varies from content creation to designing this website (yay!) and all the things that come along with that.

Likes: The company values really stand true here in the office, I love how we are all treated equally with everyone’s thoughts and opinions are listened to.

Tracy Elliott

Executive Assistant

Role: Assisting colleagues with their needs, providing top-notch customer service, handling exports, and adeptly tackling any challenges that arise.

Likes: What I find most fulfilling in my role is seeing contented colleagues and satisfied customers.

Leah Edmunds

Customer Service

Role: I look after Customer Service and love it; happy customers make a great experience, so does happy colleagues.

Likes: I like working with great people and found them at Sweet Moments Group. Great leaders in all parts of the business, which keeps you motivated, and you feel valued as a person and employee.

Sophie Spinks

Food Technologist & Quality Manager

Role: Develop new sweet things, including setup recipes in BOMS, tech sheets, factory trials, lab work & oversee the food quality aspect of the business.

Likes: Working with the people here doing sweet stuff.

Jo Hardenbol

Production Supervisor

Role: I am passionate about co-ordinating/supervising all production aspects of The Sprinkle Factory in ensuring that the customer get exactly what they need.

Likes: Seeing the team working together to achieve the common goal, up skilling and passing knowledge onto our staff.

Dave Hardenbol

Inwards & Outwards Operator

Role: I have been with the company for a very long time and that has helped grow my knowledge as the inwards and outwards operator.

Likes: I always enjoy watching the progress in the factory and getting to work with great people everyday.