Our Brands



Baking & cake decorating supplies for home bakers, interested cake decorators, and creative people.

Lone Star

A full range of condiments, oils, and gift packs for a Lone Star experience at home.

Al Brown

Take your food to the next level. These are riffs on classic condiments taken from the restaurants of New Zealand Chef Al Brown and they are ready for the table.


Innovative signature spice and rub blends for the professional chef, weekend grill warrior or amateur home cook.

Rufus Teague

From stirring up sauce in an old pot, to winning competitions all over the place… and now amazing BBQ rubs, sauces, and more.

Hardcore Carnivore

Rubs & seasonings that enhance the meat without overpowering and be made in the heart of the USA, Texas.

Hoff & Pepper

Delicious hot sauces and seasonings that enhance flavours with balanced heat profiles handmade products made in the Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Shop the best rubs, sauces, and more from all over the globe to give you a one-stop shop for weekend warriors and BBQ enthusiasts.

Chocolate Brown

Delicious handmade award-winning chocolate products for baking at home and treating yourself and friends.



We provide environmentally friendly Bakery Packaging for Bakeries, Cake Shops and Food Service.

Eco Origin

Baking & cake decorating supplies for the greatest cake artists, bakers, and pastry chefs.


The Sprinkle Factory

Manufacturer of sprinkles, toppings, and ingredient inclusions to companies in the baking, ice cream and confectionery industries.

Mad Ingredients

Manufacturer of flavours and food colours to leading food, beverage, and bakery manufacturers & distributors throughout the World.

Chocolate Brown

Artisan Chocolate Factory specialising in handmade award-winning chocolate products.